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The research activity has as its core the agricultural and livestock production around which a complex network of themes is developed that touch very different skills and fields of knowledge. The approaches used involve the use of traditional technologies of biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering integrated with more innovative aspects such as omics and systemic-computer science approaches for the development of management and forecasting models.
In the three-year period 2015-2017, scientific research enabled 579 publications in international journals with IF, 61 in scientific journals without IF and 131 communications at international and national conferences published as acts (IRIS).
In recent years, the Department has acquired numerous projects on competitive calls at international and national level. In many of these projects the Department enters as a coordinator. Currently (November 2019) on the international front 15 Horizon 2020 projects, 5 LIFE projects, three PRIMA projects and two ERANET Sus Crop are active. At national, and regional level in particular, 13 projects are active, funded by the Regione Lombardia under the 2014-2020 Rural Development Plan, 10 on the GO PEI call, three on the Lombardy Region's Smart Fashion call, one on the research call in agricultural and forestry field as well as a dozen other projects funded by the Rural Development Plans of other regions. There are also 16 projects funded by Cariplo calls, two AGER projects, two MAECI projects for Italy-Israel cooperation and a FISR project for mountain area development funded by MIUR. Three projects are funded on the PRIN 2017 call, one of which is national coordinators. Added to this are the conventions for institutional research / scientific collaboration with other public bodies. These activities are supplemented by commercial financing (consultancy contracts, research, training commissioned by public and private bodies) which represent another strength of the department.

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