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The organization of research activities refers to work groups, often multidisciplinary, made up of professors, researchers, technicians, postdoc and PhD students. The experimental plans are typically carried out in the open field, in protected crops structures or in animal farms, at agricultural or livestock farms, belonging to UNIMI or private, and are completed at the department laboratories
Among the numerous laboratories present in the department, we must mention: the plant molecular biology laboratory; ionomics and elemental analysis laboratories; the mass spectrometry laboratory which combines GC-MS, LC-MS and FIS-MS instrumentation; the plant proteomics platform equipped for conducting single- and two-dimensional analyzes, also with the aid of fluorescent markers (DIGE technique) and a nLC-ESI-MS / MS mass spectrometer (Q-TOF) for protein characterization ; the laboratory of in vitro cultures and genome editing; the DNA / RNA processing platform for nucleic acid extraction from substrates of different origins.
Finally, the Department uses the structures of UNIMI agricultural farms. In particular:

• the educational and experimental farm Menozzi di Landriano (https://www.unimi.it/en/ugov/ou-structure/university-milan-angelo-menozzi-experimental-farm-landriano-pv) and the Cascina Baciocca di Cornaredo section (https://www.unimi.it/en/ugov/ou-structure/university-milan-gp-guidobono-cavalchini-experimental-farm), the latter equipped with open circuit breathing chambers for large animals;
• the educational-experimental company Dotti of Arcagna (https://www.unimi.it/en/ugov/ou-structure/university-milan-f-dotti-experimental-farm-arcagna).

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