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The educational offer of the DISAA is articulated in a wide and varied proposal that includes three-year, master and post-graduate degree courses (as well as specialization courses). In addition, the DiSAA professors belong to various PhD schools activated within the University of Milan.
In particular, the DiSAA is the main Referent for:
• 4 Degree Courses: i) Agrotechnology for the environment and the territory (L-25); ii) Production and protection of plants and green systems (L-25); iii) Agricultural sciences and technologies (L-25); iv) Enhancement and protection of the environment and the mountain territory (L-25) at the Edolo educational center (BS).
• 3 Master's Degree Courses: i) Agricultural Sciences (LM-69); ii) Agri-environmental sciences (LM-73); iii) Production and plant protection sciences (LM-69)
Furthermore, the DiSAA is an associated Referent for the Degree Courses in: i) Food Sciences and Technologies; ii) Catering Sciences and Technologies and iii) Biotechnology, as well as for the Master's Degree in Food Science and Technology. The Department is an associated Referent in the framework of interdepartmental didactic colleges for the Degree Courses in: i) Viticulture and enology; ii) Herbal Sciences and Technologies as well as for the Master's Degree Course in Biotechnology for the Bioeconomy.
Finally, DiSAA is involved as an associate in two inter-university Master's degree courses: i) Viticultural and enological sciences (with the Universities of Turin, Palermo, Foggia and Sassari); ii) Design of green areas and landscape (with the Universities of Genoa and Turin). These courses give rise to a joint degree.

To learn more: https://disaapress.unimi.it/?page_id=3988&lang=en

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