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Seminar "La gestione della difesa fitosanitaria a livello territoriale"

The application of the EC Directive 128/2009 for the sustainable use of plant protection products has led to a reformulation of the disease management strategies. During the seminar the methods adpted for grapevine protection in an important Lombard wine-growing area, Oltrepò Pavese, will be described.

Information: https://www.terredoltrepo.it/newsEN.aspx?id=29

Organizer: Dr. S.L. TOFFOLATTI (Vineyard protection, module 2-Plant Pathology, Bachelor Degree in Viticulture and Oenology)

Microsoft Teams class "Seminari DiSAA": https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a18cce9ae39a54ea49cebb813c3e76c71%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=5fef7852-37d7-47a5-9615-b941ec783d65&tenantId=13b55eef-7018-4674-a3d7-cc0db06d545c

13 May 2020
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