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Double Degree Unimi - TUAT (Japan)

On March 13th , Shuhei Ikeda, the first Japanese student enrolled in the double- degree master course with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology TUAT (Tokyo: https://www.tuat.ac.jp/en/), graduated .

This master is active since a couple years at DiSAA, within the curricular activities of the Master Course in Production Sciences and Plant Protection. This is stemming from the common interest of the two universities (UNIMI and TUAT) to share courses with a strong emphasis on the relationship between agriculture and the environment, taking into account the synergies that may arise from the complementarity existing between the two universities.
Research activities are underway at TUAT which are very oriented towards the environmental aspects of agriculture (also through cooperation projects in various areas of Southeast Asia), while at UNIMI research and teaching are more oriented towards production aspects.

Additional info: https://sppp.cdl.unimi.it/it/studiare/studiare-allestero

Contacts: Prof. Antonio Ferrante ( antonio.ferrante@unimi.it )

10 April 2020
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