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Welcome to the website of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Manufacturing Territory Agroenergia

The site is a summary of the activities of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production Agroenergia Territory. They cover many fields of agricultural science, including crop production (agricultural and environmental issues of soil chemistry, plant biology, chemistry and technology of foods and flavors, use of biomass for non-food uses including energy conversion) livestock production (cytology, genetics, physiology, nutrition and feeding, breeding technologies, Zooculture and aquaculture, animal husbandry and environmental implications, animal husbandry in the mountains), agricultural engineering (agricultural mechanics and rural buildings, technologies applied to biosystems: energy, environment, modeling integratae land management and landscape).
The teachers along with the technical and administrative staff and researchers in training (fellows, fellows and graduate students) are happy to be contacted directly to share experiences and results and to establish collaborative research or teaching.
Prof.Claudio Gandolfi

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