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Master Facility Technologists

The Board of The University of Milan approved the establishment of a first level Master to prepare a professional figure for the management of services in multi-service companies.

The Master's program lasts 500 hours of classroom training and 200 hours of practical training at representative Multiservice Companies (for a total of 60 UTC credits - University Training Credits) aims to train the new figures of "Risk Assessment Manager of Facilities" in line with the innovative demands of a Public and Private Procurement market oriented towards the Global Service.

The activities are scheduled to start in the second Semester: deadline for submitting applications, February 3st 2020 (consult the website: https://www.unimi.it/it/studiare/frequentare-un-corso-post-laurea/ master's degree).

Start of lectures March 11, 2020 end October 15, 2020

Information: https://www.unimi.it/it/studiare/frequentare-un-corso-post-laurea/master

Course Coordinator: Prof. Riccardo Guidetti

28 September 2018
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